Balanced or stuck?

In balance or stuck?
Balanced or stuck?

We have a concept of balance as the point where it all stabilises. However, that point is only reached once, and then it goes back to movement.

Let’s say that balance is a range, more dynamic, with a constant flow between yin and yang. The smaller the range, the more stable. But you don’t really want it to be still…that is not naturally possible, everything is moving!

So light-heartedness aside, these are the fuels we have at hand for the study sessions in the library. As we have talked about already, extreme yin disperses the energy and disturbs yang concentration and focus…

Yet most “foods” available for students are loaded with sugar as the first/second ingredient, or bad quality yang (deep-fried crisps, or popcorn with added sugar and flavourings).

Think about it. But don’t worry, or your yin Spleen will get even worse.
Start a petition asking for short-grain-brown-rice-based snacks and wholefoods (as I have seen being done in Ghent, Belgium) to keep your study pace steady and your energy and mood brighter.

There is another place in San Francisco, where this is happening too:

And next show we will discuss the Stomach, the Spleen and Pancreas, and because those organs affect how you learn, I suggest you to tune in on Monday 7-8pm!



Yin and Yang Heart

Last Monday we talked about the Heart, and how it’s linked in Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Small Intestine, the Pericardium/Heart Protector/Circulation Sex and the Triple Heater…

It is all the Fire element, so creating symptoms of yin all over! Expansion and chaos…but in a balance that could be a heightened sense of intuition and connection with others.

A few important points, if you don’t get to listen to the whole podcast (coming soon!) is to distinguish the Heart energy (or the motivations that come from the Heart -which I write with capital H because it’s the Traditional Chinese Medicine element, not necessarily the physical heart) from the one of the Heart Protector; and to understand the role of Small Intestine as a buffer from strong shock to the Heart.

Heart Protector’s emotions: Love or hate. Very polarised. Heart “energy” is more gentle and forgiving. Still going for what you want, but less of that extreme cover-up.

Small Intestine: Tension in abdomen keeping the shock from affecting the Heart. Good resource, but also good to gradually connect with the “trauma” and take time to integrate it into our lives/Heart.

Next week…The Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas…Earth element!

So anyone suffering from those complaints (or complaints in general, which is a Spleen pattern, get in touch and get your questions answered anonymously on air!)

Yin wind belly-swelling snack

Have you tried this “Original recipe”?


Ingredients seem really good, but…once you eat it (because it’s “ready to eat, hot or cold”), it gets your intestines yin and windy. So…unless you are a master of digestion and don’t have a date to go to later on…avoid.

Please Jacob’s, review your cooking process and COOK the yellow peas, not just add the powdered yellow pea flour, or soak only and then blend…COOK it thoroughly, ideally with some seaweed to aid the softening.

Raw data
Almost there! No sugar in the ingredients…but still too yin.

You are welcome for the tips.

If you have also tried this snack and would like to add anything, or if you would like to have your own experience, please get some first hand:

Good luck.

Extreme yin labels!

Basically, asking the Food Standards Agency to put SUGAR in the same category as other allergens that are labeled in bold.

(tl;dr at the end, for you, YANG person)

Some extreme yin foods are obvious…but, being sugar that extreme-refined-yin so ubiquitous and so linked to illnesses, I say, why not having it only when we choose to have something sweet?

Extreme yin is sneakily added to many meals that are not necessarily sweet. And it may be the second (or first!) ingredient of some sauces that are not considered a dessert (because of the other extreme yang added refined salt, or flavour enhancers).

So, why not know easier what is being added?

Maybe you could choose a different menu at the café, if you need to study later on, and the sauce is full of refined sugar. Or not, but at least you know. And knowledge is power. And with power, you even have the power to throw the power away.

Tl; dr: Please, sign and share this petition.


Scared of Relationships? Yin-yang them!

Last night’s radio show was about Relationships.

Yin and yang attractions and imbalances.


Some other sources:

  • – Co-dependents anonymous: resources for unhealthy relationship dynamics.
  • – Relationship Alive Podcast: interviews with different specialists in human relationships (and intimate ones in particular).
  • – Authors of “Conscious Loving”, a book that outlines the questions to ask each other to solve a conflict (some of them I talked about in the show).

Interested? Affected? Get in touch!

Podcast available soon!

Meanwhile…tune in next Monday 7-8 for more information on Yang Angry Livers and what to do about it!

When I’m down, really yin, and I don’t know what I’m doing…

First Radio Show on Monday 23/10!


This is our very first show. The first radio show of Macrobiotics in Swansea University. Very exciting and yang!

What is there to tune in for?

  • You’ll get to know what the heck is Macrobiotics and what’s the fuss all about!
  • Real-life examples of the Macrobiotic scale of yin and yang.
  • Find out how to counteract those yins and yangs around you.
  • Message or call in, if you want to be in the conversation!

And…coming up the week after…for October, 30th, a Halloween-themed spooky show on a terrifying subject:


Listen to Xtreme radio here now!
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