Extreme yin labels!

Basically, asking the Food Standards Agency to put SUGAR in the same category as other allergens that are labeled in bold.

(tl;dr at the end, for you, YANG person)

Some extreme yin foods are obvious…but, being sugar that extreme-refined-yin so ubiquitous and so linked to illnesses, I say, why not having it only when we choose to have something sweet?

Extreme yin is sneakily added to many meals that are not necessarily sweet. And it may be the second (or first!) ingredient of some sauces that are not considered a dessert (because of the other extreme yang added refined salt, or flavour enhancers).

So, why not know easier what is being added?

Maybe you could choose a different menu at the café, if you need to study later on, and the sauce is full of refined sugar. Or not, but at least you know. And knowledge is power. And with power, you even have the power to throw the power away.

Tl; dr: Please, sign and share this petition.



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