Yin wind belly-swelling snack

Have you tried this “Original recipe”?


Ingredients seem really good, but…once you eat it (because it’s “ready to eat, hot or cold”), it gets your intestines yin and windy. So…unless you are a master of digestion and don’t have a date to go to later on…avoid.

Please Jacob’s, review your cooking process and COOK the yellow peas, not just add the powdered yellow pea flour, or soak only and then blend…COOK it thoroughly, ideally with some seaweed to aid the softening.

Raw data
Almost there! No sugar in the ingredients…but still too yin.

You are welcome for the tips.

If you have also tried this snack and would like to add anything, or if you would like to have your own experience, please get some first hand:


Good luck.


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