Balanced or stuck?

In balance or stuck?
Balanced or stuck?

We have a concept of balance as the point where it all stabilises. However, that point is only reached once, and then it goes back to movement.

Let’s say that balance is a range, more dynamic, with a constant flow between yin and yang. The smaller the range, the more stable. But you don’t really want it to be still…that is not naturally possible, everything is moving!

So light-heartedness aside, these are the fuels we have at hand for the study sessions in the library. As we have talked about already, extreme yin disperses the energy and disturbs yang concentration and focus…

Yet most “foods” available for students are loaded with sugar as the first/second ingredient, or bad quality yang (deep-fried crisps, or popcorn with added sugar and flavourings).

Think about it. But don’t worry, or your yin Spleen will get even worse.
Start a petition asking for short-grain-brown-rice-based snacks and wholefoods (as I have seen being done in Ghent, Belgium) to keep your study pace steady and your energy and mood brighter.

There is another place in San Francisco, where this is happening too:

And next show we will discuss the Stomach, the Spleen and Pancreas, and because those organs affect how you learn, I suggest you to tune in on Monday 7-8pm!



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