Yin and Yang Heart

Last Monday we talked about the Heart, and how it’s linked in Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Small Intestine, the Pericardium/Heart Protector/Circulation Sex and the Triple Heater…

It is all the Fire element, so creating symptoms of yin all over! Expansion and chaos…but in a balance that could be a heightened sense of intuition and connection with others.

A few important points, if you don’t get to listen to the whole podcast (coming soon!) is to distinguish the Heart energy (or the motivations that come from the Heart -which I write with capital H because it’s the Traditional Chinese Medicine element, not necessarily the physical heart) from the one of the Heart Protector; and to understand the role of Small Intestine as a buffer from strong shock to the Heart.

Heart Protector’s emotions: Love or hate. Very polarised. Heart “energy” is more gentle and forgiving. Still going for what you want, but less of that extreme cover-up.

Small Intestine: Tension in abdomen keeping the shock from affecting the Heart. Good resource, but also good to gradually connect with the “trauma” and take time to integrate it into our lives/Heart.

Next week…The Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas…Earth element!

So anyone suffering from those complaints (or complaints in general, which is a Spleen pattern, get in touch and get your questions answered anonymously on air!)


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